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Movies & More

Movies & More

Your guide to everything Hollywood (news, trailers, gossip), plus WIN DVD's and movie tickets!

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Movie Clip Monday

Listen Mondays at 7:10am for a clip from a famous movie. The first person who identifies the clip at 1-888-931-0931 wins!

Trailer: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'

'Transformers: Age of Extinction' is the fourth installment in the hit series of movies based on the best-selling Hasbro toyline.

Transformers Trilogy

WIN Digital Downloads Of The First 3 Transformers Films

Transformers: Age Of Extinction is the number one movie in America. And now you can experience all the action with the first 3 Transformers films on Blu-Ray for as low as $10 each! Enter To WIN

The Sleepwalkers Guide To Dancing

WIN A Copy Of The Sleepwalker's Guide To Dancing

Don't miss the highly anticipated, heartbreaking and hilarious debut novel from Mira Jacob, "The Sleepwalker's Guide To Dancing". Learn More

Nymphomaniac: Volume I & Volume II

WIN "Nymphomaniac: Volume I & Volume II" On DVD

From Director Lars Von Trier comes the provocative and highly talked about film, "Nymphomaniac Volume I & Volume II"; available now on Blu-Ray and DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment. Learn More



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Ken James

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