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Posted: July 12, 2018

Copperhead snake bites Oklahoma toddler

What You Need To Know: Copperhead Snakes

By Chrishayla Smith,


An Oklahoma toddler is recovering after being bitten by a copperhead snake.

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According to KOKI-TV, Jillian Roth said the snake bit her 2-year-old daughter, Finley, last week in Green County.

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Roth said her family owns a large property in Kellyville, and snakes have always been a part of their life.

>> Copperhead snake bites Alabama girl swimming in pool

Finley was walking in the grass to her dad when the snake bit her, Roth said. They thought she stepped on something until they noticed her swollen foot. After a visit to St. Francis Hospital, they were told it was a snake bite.

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After doses of anti-venom and days in the hospital, Finley is recovering.

The family has found and killed 17 snakes in the area since Finley's incident, Roth said.

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Wildlife experts say the large amount of copperheads are out in the evenings because they’re feeding on the cicadas. So you’ll find them at the base of trees looking for the bugs.

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skeeze /

Copperhead snake

skeeze /

Copperhead snake

File photo of a copperhead snake.

Copperhead snake bites Alabama girl swimming in pool

Apparently, snakes can be lurking anywhere – even in your swimming pool.

According to WBRC, Chappell Williams, 9, of Mountain Brook, Alabama, recently was taking a dip when a copperhead snake sank its fangs into her hand.

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Her father, Reed Williams, said the snake, which likely was hiding behind the pool ladder, struck Chappell as she was climbing out of the water.

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"She thought she had a scratch, but I saw the two fang marks, and I knew she'd been bitten," he told WBRC.

He spotted the snake swimming toward the steps and removed it from the pool, then killed it, he said.

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Chappell, who was treated at a nearby hospital, told WBRC that she's "feeling great now" but will check the pool "about five times" before jumping in again. Her dad echoed the sentiment, saying he and the rest of the family will be "very cognizant, very vigilant about the pool."

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WATCH: Large snake falls on man's car, slithers on windshield in viral video

A video was posted to social media that shows a large snake slithering on the windshield of a North Carolina man's vehicle.

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Ben Bryant said the snake dropped out of a tree above him in Asheville.

>> Copperhead snake bites Alabama girl swimming in pool

The video has more than 122,000 views and has been shared about 2,000 times.

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>> Severed rattlesnake head bites Texas man

Last year, a snake hitched a ride on a Gastonia woman's car.

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Kecha Robinson took cellphone video of the snake twisting on her car mirror as her husband drove.


Copperhead snake bites 6-year-old boy on family trip

A family trip to Georgia's Lake Burton over the weekend turned terrifying for a Fulton County family after a copperhead snake bit their 6-year-old son, Ford.

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The boy was throwing rocks near the water and some bushes when, he said, he got too close to a hidden 2-foot-long snake.

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"I didn't know it, but the snake was inside the bush, and the snake popped out, and it bit me on the pinkie," Ford O'Neill told WSB-TV.

For Ford's parents, the mission was clear when he was bit.

"I grabbed him, scooped him up, ran to the house and called 911," said Ford's father.

Ford's parents said he never panicked because snakes are his favorite reptile.

"We asked him. We said, 'What do we do Ford?' He said, 'I gotta keep my hand below my heart. I have to slow my heart rate.' He knew all the steps," said Ford's father.

At Lake Burton, paramedics loaded Ford into a helicopter. When he arrived at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, he needed nine bags of anti-venom because the swelling kept increasing, his parents said.

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His family said he fought hard to get through the pain until he improved enough for doctors to release him Tuesday.

"He's a soldier. I mean, he didn't shed a tear until they took the IV out. The whole time, he's been -- God was with him for sure," said Ford's father.

The child is recovering, waiting for the time when he can play with his friends again. Ford told WSB-TV that he feels good and has no plans to be within reach of any more snakes.

Dr. Scott Batchelor, with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, said copperhead bites are the most common, and the mistakes parents sometimes make when their child gets bitten can make things worse.

"Do not put a tourniquet around the wound. Do not cut into the wound with any kind wound, with any kind of blade," said Batchelor.

  Rattlesnake slithers into Texas house through dog door

Severed rattlesnake head bites Texas man

A Texas man is recovering after he was bitten by a severed rattlesnake head.

>> Copperhead snake bites 6-year-old boy on family trip

According to KIII-TV, Jennifer Sutcliffe of Corpus Christi said her husband, whose first name was not given, decapitated the snake with a shovel while the couple was doing yard work on Memorial Day weekend. But that didn't stop the snake's head from biting the man minutes later when he attempted to discard the remains.

"Since there is no body, it released all its venom into him at that point, so he had a lot of venom," Sutcliffe told KIII.

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Soon afterward, Sutcliffe's husband couldn't see and started to have seizures, she said. An ambulance met the pair as they headed to the emergency room, and a medical helicopter ended up having to rush him to the hospital, she said.

Although doctors initially said Sutcliffe's husband "might not make it,” his condition is currently stable after he received 26 doses of antivenom, KIII reported. 

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  Copperhead snake bites 6-year-old boy on family trip

Man finds two 5-foot-long snakes inside his home

A Cobb County, Georgia, man had a terrifying experience after finding two snakes in his home. Both measured more than 5 feet long.

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Darrell Baxter said he has seen all types of critters outside his home, but never inside.

"I yelled, 'Oh my God!' That's not something you practice for -- a shock like that," Baxter said.

On Saturday afternoon, Baxter found a snake that a Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist identified it as a 'rat snake.' Baxter got rid of it permanently, but the next day, he found another. 

"Sunday after church, we get home about 1:30. Before I take the first step up the stairway, I look up. There's another one -- even bigger in the exact spot," Baxter said.

Baxter took it outside with the help of a tool he uses to pick pine cones off his lawn.

A representative with a pest control service told the homeowner that the snake likely slithered up a stone wall through a gap in the fascia into the attic and finally resting a few feet from Baxter's TV room. 

He will now take steps to seal the gap outside the house where it's believed the snakes squeezed in.

"I do not want to see them again. It's obvious what a rattlesnake looks like, and what a copperhead looks like. I didn't know what these were," Baxter said.

Rat snakes are not venomous. Some consider them to be ‘good' snakes to have around your property. 


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