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Posted: October 08, 2017

Watch: Airbus jet buffeted by gusty winds in harrowing landing

VIDEO: Airbus A380 Makes Harrowing Landing


Watch: Airbus jet buffeted by gusty winds in harrowing landing
LE BOURGET, FRANCE - JUNE 19: An Airbus A380 aircraft performs a flying display on the opening day of the 52nd International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, on June 19, 2017 in Le Bourget, France. The Air Show is the world's largest aviation and space industry exhibition and takes place at Le Bourget airport June 19 - 25 France. (Photo by Frederic Stevens/Getty Images)

By Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

An Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane in the world, encountered strong, gusty winds while trying to make a landing in Dusseldorf, Germany last week.

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The landing of the Emirates Airlines jet was caught on video. It shows what appears to be crosswinds buffeting the wobbling plane as it approached the runway. The Airbus A380, which can hold up to 600 passengers, made a hard landing, and swerved and bounced as it taxied in.

The video, recorded by Cargospotter on Thursday, was posted to YouTube and went viral with more than 8 million views so far.

Cargospotter called the landing “extremely hard and extraordinary.”

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“At first it looked like a pretty normal crosswind approach but after touchdown the pilots tried to align with the runway, which looked pretty incredible,” according to the post.

“I have never seen such a tremendous reaction of an airplane after a touchdown. You can see that the pilots tried to align with the runway by using the tail rudder and luckily it worked out.”  

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